Find Your Place

Last month I turned 39, of which I am clear that I have been strongly connected to music since I was 6. I grew up listening to my mother’s protest music, Spanish Pop, 80’s Anglo Rock from my uncles and among With that mix I discovered that I could sing and have an even more intimate connection with the music.

A lot of Rock and Pop through my veins, a “cachaco” typical of Bogotá, the capital, always wrapped in that halo of comfort of the music that the now extinct Super Station 88.9 emitted. What good music then on the radio.

The music of the 80’s definitely marked my life, my style and my tastes, but I also moved away from other good sounds and rhythms, in short, at that time you couldn’t choose what you wanted to listen to, you listened to what the radio played or the albums that You shopped at music stores.

I missed a lot of folklore, I missed the Caribbean, the Andes, the Amazon and the Orinoco, I lost the essential sounds of my own land.

It took me all these years to understand how immensely rich the sound of our region is, I had to break many paradigms and even lose some good friends just because I wanted to listen to something different.

I stopped being a singer in a cover band, it’s not a bad thing to be, in fact it’s fun and hard work, you learn a lot there. I had my own band, Sweet Machines that still continues without me, but I left my comfort to explore what was unthinkable for me in terms of neotropical genres, electronic music and thus make the decision to become a producer, creator of my own sound, a conciliator between the sounds of my land and those of others.

My good friend Shaun Taberer and I clicked spontaneously, he joined us with a love of British music, being a lover of the Beatles and I being crazy about the Rolling Stones. Little by little I included him in my listening and playing with synthesizers and we ended up composing at least 6 electronic tracks that we managed to play at Café Naturalia, that was the beginning of a close friendship that until now has led us to his invitation, founding a label to support musicians from the city, who have an affinity for electronic music and the traditional and folk sounds of the country. Shaun feels very grateful to Colombia and Medellín in particular, he infected me with his desire to “repay love” to be kind to the land and well, that is the best excuse to do what I am most passionate about, create.

I want to take our sounds and fusions abroad, I want to shoot with that special talent that has opened so many doors for us on other occasions. I want to produce music with local talent, give it that modern touch it deserves without purism, and help my people get somewhere with their music.

And you already found your place? Do you recognize where you come from and how you sound? And even more important, where do you want to go? If you have an answer to one or more of these questions, then don’t hesitate to contact us.

This is just beginning!

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