About Common Sense

If you are here reading this post it is for several reasons, it is likely that you are an artist and you are looking for someone to accompany you in the production of a single because you liked the “sound” of what we have done. You might have a friend who is talented but isn’t quite sure how to come up with a product of the right quality to launch their song into the cosmos, another hypothetical scenario is that you have a song on the tip of your tongue that could become a super hit. , but sometimes this “artist” life does not bring bread and money under his arm.

It is no secret that 2020 and even 2021 are atypical years that in the sphere of music and all its protagonists are leaving great troubles as a result of the pandemic. I could make an infinite pile of complaints and fill myself with enough reasons to cry about how hard it is to see so many musicians rolling through the streets looking for a way to survive with their incredible gifts on the flow of their instruments, their voices and their performance, but I conclude that the only way I like to shed tears is from pure happiness when a new song is ready to be presented to the world.

We all live our own reality, some feel enlightened, others unfortunate, but almost all of them have an ace up their sleeve: talent. At Uchuva Records we have the resources, modestly what is necessary to produce a good single, and we are willing to do it without difference for those who have the resources and for those who do not.

But of course, the efforts must be fair and mutual, collaborating and sharing should not be anything other than what each word means. We all want to fulfill our dreams and goals and for that you need something very important, money. It sounds crude but it is real, this is how our economic system works and we are not going to break into politics or the like to argue that it is good or not, what we can do is apply common sense, shake hands with a colleague, support those who have dreams but not money capital.

Our proposal is direct and consists of the following: For each artist who pays for the production of her single, we at Uchuva Records are going to produce a single for an artist who does not have the resources to do so. So easy and transparent.

Why do we want to do it? because we love what we do, we are passionate about music and we need to spend our time doing what we feel we can do best, producing. We also want to invite other producers, labels and artists to replicate this model.

The truth is that there are many benefits for all parties, but I will leave that for another post, we are currently applying what I have just preached and we are happy and with a full heart making music for an artist who deserves all the support for her determination and talent. . That will be a topic for another post.

The invitation is open, if you are an artist with resources who need to produce at least one single, if you don’t have them, or if you know someone who requires our support, then get in touch, we are willing to be part of the solution and make music .

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